I’d like to present to you our new WUCT-UMEC-website

No, we aren’t afraid of mentioning clearly the “C”-letter in our name, on the contrary!
At the meeting of WUCT-UMEC in October 2012, an unanimous decision was taken to continue to improve the structure and working plans for the future.
In the meantime, a lot of groundwork has been done and an action plan “The way forward” developed as to how WUCT-UMEC can move forward in light of the issues it is currently facing.
WUCT-UMEC is an organisation, which grew out of the post 1945 war as a desire for international cooperation to protect the rights of Catholic teachers across the world.  Its first statutes provided a clear indication of its status: ‘WUCT-UMEC is an international confederation of associations of the faithful, with private juridical personality according to canons 298-311 and 321-329 of the Code of Canon Law’. These go on to place WUCT-UMEC as a dicastery of the Holy See.
In effect, WUCT-UMEC has held an important central role in disseminating the Church’s view on the purpose of Catholic Education since its formation in 1951.
A charter for Catholic teachers across the world has been agreed upon as well as developing a close working relationship with the Vatican and its member associations.  WUCT-UMEC has a history of working together to improve conditions for Catholic teachers around the world.
However, since its inception, times have changed and the needs of Catholic teachers are now different from what they were in those early days.  Although there is still a need to provide protection for all who work in Catholic Schools, to enable them to promote without fear the value of such an education, WUCT-UMEC , must move with the times and look at the way it is structured and the services it provides, not only to Catholic teachers, but also to all staff who work in Catholic schools.  It needs to ensure that its purpose fits in with the 21st. Century.
Thanks to the goodwill, the conviction, the team-spirit and work of our Dutch, British, Italian, Argentinean and German colleagues, I am proud to present you our new website. This is only a beginning.
If possible and with bigger financial support, we want to convert this website in the future into a more ‘active’ website with direct access for all our interested Catholic colleagues throughout the world.

Guy Bourdeaud’hui
President WUCT – UMEC