Good practices

One of the most important values of the WUCT is learning and helping each other. One way to do so is sharing good practices. On the new website we can share our ideas and good practices. For example one of the things we realized in Holland. ‘CNV Onderwijs’ worked on a website with the most important knowledge about Catholicism. More and more new teachers don’t know enough, so we made the  website   with 50 windows. When you’ll have a look at the website you can use ‘Google translate’ to understand it. We think that such a website is useful in more countries, so it is a good practice to share.
When we want to make a vital restart for the WUCT and we want more countries to enjoy, we have to show how we can help each other. We want to fill the WUCT website with a good practice from each active country. SO our Question to you is, can you write down one of your most successful ideas, so we can put it on the website. Then we will have different good practices to show possible  ‘new’ members. We like to have your text at least  in April, so the website is filled before may 2013. In may the workgroup ‘structure and plans’ will come together  to prepare the General assembly. The success is in your hands!