What we do

Recognising our unique role as teachers in the mission of the Church, the World Union of Catholic Teachers is committed to the advancement of education in Catholic and secular schools. It provides leadership, support and a range of professional services, in partnership with its member organisations.

WUCT seeks to secure and to improve the position of school education and the people who depend on school education, worldwide. . It also believes in the importance of the religious dimension in the programme of education in schools. Moreover, it holds that schools should promote an atmosphere of inter-cultural and inter-religious dialogue.
The World Union of Catholic Teachers seeks to promote Gospel values in education, in accordance with the teaching and tradition of the Church, through the following aims and strategic objectives:

o to promote and support Catholic teachers and member organisations in their spiritual and professional development and in their conditions of service:

  • by promoting the realization of the WUCT teachers’ charter [see Annexe A];
  • by exchanging information about the social and economic position of Catholic teachers and the possibilities of improving their situation;
  • by promoting the active involvement of teachers, parents and students in participation and decision making at local and national level;
  • by member organisations using their expertise to support the professional and collective bargaining activities of other member organisations, where appropriate;
  • by supporting the initial and ongoing training of Catholic teachers to meet major current and future educational challenges.

o to defend the rights and liberties, as well as the interests of Catholic teachers within the context of the Church’s social teaching and within the fundamental principles of social justice:

  • by exchanging information between member organisations about Catholic education;
  • by supporting the formation of member organisations of Catholic teachers in countries where they do not exist;
  • by exchanging experiences of member organisations about their activities in the field of Catholic education;
  • by organising congresses, seminars and other forms of meeting on matters of concern and interest to Catholic educators;
  • by working with other international Catholic organisations where there is common purpose.

o : to establish a privileged channel of relationships among Catholic teachers and the Holy See and National Conferences of Bishops.

  • by developing links with the Holy See and bishops’ conferences;
  • by responding to the documents of the Holy See and bishops’ conferences in relation to Catholic education;
  • by acting as an intermediary between the member organisations and the Holy See and bishops’ conferences;
  • by informing member organisations of current ecclesiastical initiatives.

o to promote the interests of Catholic teachers and member organisations with other international organisations:

  • by working with international bodies in the field of education, teaching and culture;
  • by disseminating relevant information from these bodies to our member organisations;
  • by responding, where appropriate, to the initiatives of these bodies.